The Tale of Gavrillo Liuzzi di Vitalia, is one that has inspired a many chuckle throughout the ages. Gavrillo was born to Giuseppe Liuzzi di Vitalia, in their peaceful island dutchy. He lived like most other noblemens sons, training for the day of his ascension as duke, however everything soon changed. Due to a recent diplomatic deal with the Yurak Khaganate, Gavrillo was sent far away from home at the age of 9. Gavrillo was at first afraid of his new surroundings, since he was pretty much threatened with death daily. He ended up being bullied by the the Yurak leader's children.

However one night young Gavrillo wandered out of his bed chambers into the palace courtyard, and met no one other than Tarkan himself. The young boy almost shit himself with fear, and started to cry about wanting to go home. Tarkan gave pity to the young boy, and tried to tend to him as best he could. Tarkan soon started to buy young Gavrillo exotic new toys from his raids, and even told his children to cease bullying him. As Gavrillo grew Tarkan started training him in the more violent Yurak crafts, teaching him horse riding, swordsmanship, and the way of gun and bow. Gavrillo in time started to see Tarkan as a sort of father figure, since he had only distant memories about his actual father.

When Gavrillo heard of Tarkans death in the Axony campaigns he wept for weeks, and swore vengence against the people who killed him. Gavrillo staunchly supported Taichu's ascent to power, as well as the execution of the traitor son of Tarkan, Ivan. When the time came for Gavrillo came home, he requested to his father that he be allowed to stay in the Yurak Khaganate for longer, Giuseppe however would have none of it. Gavrillo's attempts to keep himself from going home became stranger by the day, first he dyed his hair jet black with snail excrement, then he attempted to make his eyes more squinty, and even claimed that his mother was actually impregnated by no other than Khagan Tarkan. This however was all in vain, as he was forced back home to Liuzzi. Currently Gavrillo is locked in his chambers until his father feels he has relearned his native ways. Gavrillo however has other plans.................

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