The Knoblin's are a race of small, humanoid creatures.They stand around 4ft tall, are usually quite skinny, and range in color from green to yellow.Knoblins usually gather into large familial groups called tribes,which are led by warlord.The warlords generally spend most of their time trying to stay in power and trying to dominate other warlords.Thus the Knoblins spent all of their time underground too concerned with petty squabbles between each other to try and venture out of their cavernous homes.

Things have changed recently however.A great warlord named Skarsnak has succeeded in uniting almost all of the Knoblar tribes.With the Knoblars united they could finally focus on expanding outwards.Skarsnak immediatly went to work in finding new places to dominate.His scouts went far and wide through the caverns.They eventually found a race of beings which he decided to name "Drolls".These Drolls were 10ft tall, horrifically strong, and incredibly dumb.Through alot of hard work and many dead Knoblins the Drolls were domesticated into a sort of slave species for the Knoblins large mining operations and giant forges.

Skarsnaks scouts continued on,and they eventually found the way into the outside world.With this humongous discovery Skarsnak sent many Knoblins to settle near the outside world, and eventually in it.The Knoblins became much more powerful with access to the outside world.They gained Wolf Riders,more resources to take,and more things to conquer.


In Knoblin society your role is generally decided by how strong you are.The weakest and smallest Knoblins in a clan are doomed to become "Snafu" or slaves,While the larger and more powerful are selected to become a "Noruk".There is also the "Mozu" a type of middle class within Knoblin society for specialized tasks.The Noruk then are usually assigned captains which control that war pack.Some of Mozu are selected to serve such as scribes or cooks if they are good enough to server powerful "Noruk" captains personally.Fighting between rival Noruk captains is common and is even encouraged by Knoblin Leadership.The captains fight among themselves till one of them rises to the position of Warchief who controls a number of captains.Then the Warchiefs fight among themselves till one of them becomes a warlord.All of which are subordinate to King Skarsnak who issues orders from his great subterranian citadel.

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