Mercenaries in Nara come in many Variations but most serve only for gold, through contracts of various lengths. They tended to have little to no loyalty to their contractors and only serve for the money. Human Mercenaries tend to be the most common. The most famous mercenary companies lead by humans are The Golden Cohort Company,The White Dragons,The Northern Guard,Wolfgangs Pack,Coopers Regulators, and The Dishonored.

Non-Human mercenaries are also present but short in supply. However they are usually more sought after. Most Non-Human mercenaries were Duvans,Orcks,Yetti,Thralls, and very rarely Tarri. Most contractors prefer non-humans due to their super human like abilities such as amazing size,magical powers,strength,perception,and often times for the advanced technology they would bring to the job. However in the end Humans were still far more prevalent as the main makeup of Mercenaries in Nara.

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