Casca's Political Parties

After the Cascan Independance from the Brettish Colonial Empire it formed a democracy where people could be elected, the most popular parties where usually the Right Wing Popullist Parties, this page will explain what they are and what led to their success and fall

Flag of Fascist Casca.png

Old Pre-War Cascan Flag:

National Populist Party of Casca (NPPC)

The NPPC was first formed in 1936 A.T.F. and was the most popular party smashing all the other Parties together, this was due to they labor reforms, military strengthening, and its party members having either served in the Cascan War of Independance or being good to the Cascan People

Commonwealth of Man Flag.png

NPPC Flag:

Cascan Civil War

After their Election the NPPC began a large number of reforms which disspleased the Higher Class among the population, this led to a brutal and long civil war that ended only once the leader of the NPPC Randyl Rylie managed to convince the fighting sides to cease fighting in exchange for: both side creating a constitution both agree with, a rule of law, and emergency election. During the Late Elections Randyl Ryle decided not to participate which is why former members of the NPPC mostly military staff decided to form the Provisional NPPC

Flag of the Republic of Casca.png

Cascan Flag after Civil War:

Provisional Nation Populist Party of Casca

Generals such as Robert Lazaros and most of the Military Staff decided to work together to create a new PNPPC that would represent the NPPC. During the Election the Majority of the Population of Casca voted PNPPC but the leaders of the PNPPC where arrested an put on court due to them having previously planned a coup in case they would loose the elections, their plan was foiled when a communist member among their ranks told his perspective to the Leader of the Conservative Party of Casca which led to a short week of fighting in the major towns of casca over whether the coup was true or false. around 500 people died but this does not compare to the 300,000 casualties from the Civil War. The Coup's Leaders where charged of treason, some plead guilty while others didnt and due to certain ranks as most of the conspirators where military, they each got different punishments however no one suffered the death penalty

Provisional NPPC Flag.png


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